To be or not to be... married

Many couple believe that if they live together as ‘common law man and wife’ they will have the same rights and be treated them same as married couples when they separate. This is not the case!

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Jason Conway
Summer Holidays for Separated Parents

Starting to plan your summer holidays?  For parents who are separated arranging the children’s holidays can be difficult. 

It’s not just a question of finding somewhere nice which you can afford, but of agreeing on the arrangements with the children’s mother or father.  There are dates to agree, childcare arrangements to be made or unmade, and questions about where and with whom the children are going.

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Resolving disputes about Wills, Inheritance and the care of the elderly

Jane died at the age of 87.  She had intended that her daughter Mary, who had spent the last ten years looking after her, should inherit the small house she had lived in for the last twenty years.  Unfortunately, the homemade Will that she had made was ineffective, partly because she had moved into a care home and sold the house a few months before her death. 

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Minimising the cost of business disputes with Mediation

Anyone becoming involved in a legal dispute will know how complex, time-consuming and expensive it can become.  For those involved in business, disputes need to be resolved and resolved quickly before unnecessary time is wasted, positions become entrenched and heavy costs incurred.  Nevertheless, it is often easier said than done, principles and personalities are involved, and there’s always the hope that the problem will just go away. 

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Good New Stories - Separating Parents and Mediation

Like most family mediators, family lawyers and others working with separated parents, I hear a lot of bad news stories. By and large our clients come to us when things have gone wrong. We listen to their sad stories, offer encouragement and advice on how to make things work better for their children and themselves. We may even warn them of the consequences if they continue to argue and fight.

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My ex-partner and I are not speaking - Mediation can help

Mediation is not always easy. We are used to working with clients who feel upset, angry and tense. We provide a safe and calm environment, and can offer you separate space when needed. We will manage your discussion to enable each of you to put your point of view, and discuss your situation in a positive and constructive manner.

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