The Mediation Process - What Happens?


The initial meeting, usually called an assessment meeting, is an opportunity for you to find out about mediation, and decide whether it is likely to help you.   The mediator will discuss your situation with you, explain how mediation works and its likely cost, and give you the opportunity of asking any questions you may have.  Participants usually meet the mediator separately for this first session.

If all parties agree, we will arrange for the mediation to begin at the next meeting.  The mediator will manage this and any subsequent meetings by setting an agenda, identifying the relevant issues and facts, and helping you to consider the alternative ways of solving your dispute.  He/she will help you to negotiate an agreement and will write up the arrangements in a formal Mediation Summary.

To find out more or to book a mediation appointment, please contact us on 01242 220601, or visit our website for more information at

Jason Conway