Does it feel like Christmas is the straw that breaks the camels back?

child looking out window to rain family mediation at Christmas.jpg

The Christmas and New Year holiday period is a time when emotions can run high. Couples and families often find themselves spending more time together than they are generally used to. Without their normal routines and work to distract or occupy thoughts, along with the financial stresses of Christmas and the pressure to be seen to be enjoying this ‘joyful’ time of year can lead to considerable tension. If there were problems in the relationship already, this time of year can be the final straw when people realise they are unhappy and consider separating.

If, sadly, this resonates with you, you will need to give careful consideration on how best to sort out the inevitable issues concerning children and finances that arise on separation and divorce.

Cheltenham Mediation can help you both to reach amicable solutions that work for your particular family circumstances. With the help of our accredited and highly experienced mediators who are all ex family solicitors we aim to help you avoid the cost and stress of ending up in court. We are able to offer Legal Aid subject to assessment.

If you would like more information please look at our website or telephone 01242 220601.

We wish all our existing clients and professional relationships a peaceful and stress free Christmas and New Year.

Jason Conway