Good New Stories - Separating Parents and Mediation


Like most family mediators, family lawyers and others working with separated parents, I hear a lot of bad news stories. By and large our clients come to us when things have gone wrong. We listen to their sad stories, offer encouragement and advice on how to make things work better for their children and themselves. We may even warn them of the consequences if they continue to argue and fight.

Unfortunately we do not often hear the good new stories of parents, who although apart manage to co-operate; of children who enjoy having two homes and having Dad’s or Mum’s complete attention when they’re with them; of Dad’s who have developed better relationships with their children since they separated, and of Mum’s who feel refreshed by the weekends they have to themselves.

So I have decided to collect Good News stories about separated parenting and display them in my offices in Cheltenham. I hope that by offering examples of the Good News of separated parenting we can encourage clients who find themselves in the midst of less good experiences.

So I would love to receive Good News stories; to hear from anyone who has themselves collected such stories or anyone interested in sharing in this project.

Nicholas von Benzon

Cheltenham Mediation Services