Sir Richard Bowlby talk on Attachment Theory


Yesterday I spent a very interesting day at the Family Mediators Association’s Annual Conference listening to Sir Richard Bowlby talk about Attachment Theory.  It was good to revisit the Theory which I studied many years ago.  It explains the importance of very young children building secure bonds with their parents and others who care for them, and how important it is for these bonds to be enduring and consistent.  When parents separate these bonds can be broken with damaging long-term consequences for their children.  

Those of us working with separated parents need to be able to help parents to focus on their children’s needs and work co-operatively to support them. Without this, the crucial bonds upon which the children rely can be broken leaving children feeling abandoned by one or both parents. Family mediators are well placed to help parents avoid this, see the situation from their children’s perspective and minimise the conflict and trauma that their children may otherwise experience. is a website I can recommend which is dedicated to expressing children’s views and experiences about their parents separation.

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By Nicholas von Benzon