Seminars on Improving Communication and Trust Between Separated Parents


We regularly offer seminars on a range of mediation related topics, to discuss ways of working with separated parents in family mediation to help them improve communication and trust.

As every family mediator will know the breakdown of communication and of trust are frequently causes of parental conflict. The long-term success of any arrangements made for children depends on their parents’ ability to communicate effectively and establish sufficient trust. To do this they may need to learn new ways of approaching problems, making shared decisions and resolving disagreements.

Our seminars provide an opportunity for family mediators to share experiences and consider how they can enable couples to communicate better, accept differences and co-parent more effectively.

Each seminar features several short presentations followed by a group discussion. The morning session focusses on communication, power imbalances and decision making. In the afternoon we explore ways in which parents can be encouraged to rebuild trust.

Our seminar days are a great success and involve many great conversations.

By Nicholas von Benzon - Cheltenham Mediation Services    Tel 01242 220601

Jason Conway